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Optrak4 for Convenience Retail is a dedicated build for the convenience retail industry.

Tailored to address the specific logistics challenges – such as urban deliveries and highly variable customer sites and delivery patterns – you face, Optrak4 for Convenience Retail is the best choice for meeting your customer requirements in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Challenges Our Customers Face in the
Convenience Retail Industry

Restrictive Time Windows

Customers may have access restrictions – particularly on busy high streets. Time-windows may also be inflexible due to the requirement for additional staff to help put away delivered products – those staff need to be booked and paid in advance.

Variable Delivery Requirements

Some customers require palletised delivery whilst others are best served with a roll-cage with frozen goods offloaded by hand from a front compartment of the vehicle. Simply adding up the volume of delivered goods does not give a true picture of vehicle fill or loading requirements and can lead to inaccurate loading plans and delivery complications.

Diffiering Frequencies for Delivery

A busy high street store and a small village convenience outlet have very different turnover. While it may be possible and economic to visit the former several times per week, the latter, depending on your product range, may need at most one delivery.

But the customer needs a promise of regularity to plan stock levels, so how best to arrange the more remote deliveries in a cost effective way? And how do you determine if a customer is simply uneconomic at the required level of service?

that Solve Challenges of the
Convenience Retail Industry

Vehicle Selection and Loading

Optrak4 has unique capabilities to deal with the complex vehicle allocation and loading requirements of the Convenience Retail industry. In addition to multi-temperature compartments, Optrak4 takes into account how orders are grouped onto pallets or roll-cages – for example dedicating roll-cages to specific customers for ease of off-loading.

Loading rules are translated into a loading plan which can be printed off and given to drivers or pickers – also ensuring that the loaded products are all accessible when required as the driver follows the delivery sequence.

Customer access restrictions are be managed within the Optrak4 solution at the customer site level, ensuring that the right vehicle is deployed.

Detailed Time Modelling

Optrak4 improves on the modelling accuracy of other VRS solutions through use of the accurate historical road speeds as well as through a uniquely detailed model of loading and unloading activity, which can take into account vehicle type, products, method of delivery, customer facilities (e.g. loading docks) and driver efficiency.

Communication with Customer

Once greater accuracy in time modelling has been achieved, Optrak4 Messenger can be used to advise delivery times. This makes it much easier for the shop to bring in extra staff as needed.

Strategic Analysis with Optrak4

Using Optrak4 strategically allows you to take the longer view. What if? analysis can be used to determine delivery day schedules for more remote areas and investigate viability of smaller or more out-of-the-way customers.



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