Fuchs Lubricants UK PLC, part of the Fuchs Group, the world’s largest independent lubricants company, use Optrak4’s customised vehicle routing and scheduling solution to plan operations in the UK. Fuchs delivers to customers nationwide from a dedicated fleet with up to three pumps and 9 compartments per vehicle. Customers order quantities of various grades of lubricants and tankers can carry and pump off different grades at different rates.

Whilst allowing for great distribution flexibility, this multiplies the complexity of the planning process as, in order to avoid pump and compartment contamination, there is a set of complex rules that must be strictly followed regarding which lubricants may be loaded into which compartment of the tanker and in which order. Previously Fuchs carried out this process manually and any errors could have led to compartment contamination during the loading process.

Since deploying Optrak4 the entire route and load planning process has now been automated. Optrak4 interfaces with SAP and orders are downloaded directly before the scheduler uses Optrak4 to build the most efficient set of routes that meet customer service requirements. Optrak automatically uses the available drivers and vehicles in the most efficient way and maintains checks on the grades and pumping order thus eliminating any possibly of cross grade contamination.

Optrak4 reports show the loaders what they need to do for each individual compartment to prepare it for the grades that are to be loaded. Optrak4 also confirms the preparation requirements in order that time consuming washing or draining are kept to a minimum.

The drivers pick up a fully loaded vehicle and can go out immediately. This minimises the impact of the Working Time Directive as driving time is maximised and time waiting for loading is minimised.

Key Benefits
Fuchs & Optrak

  1. Improved customer service levels

    Optrak4 Planner allowed Fuchs to hit more of its customer’s SLAs, time window constraints and ‘On Time’ delivery performance targets.

  2. Reduced delivery costs

    Including the costs of administration, leasing, driver and fuel costs.

  3. Reduced planning times by 85%

    Optrak4 allows Fuchs to operate at its highest yet efficiency, significantly reducing the planning time for daily routing.

  4. Reduced carbon footprint

    Using Optrak4, Fuchs has diminished the number of miles vehicle travel and fuel consumed on trips, lowering its carbon footprint

  5. Industry-specific process improvements including:

    – Tanker capacity utilisation has increased by 6%.

    – The number of “no actions” has gone up by 4%. This is where Optrak allocates an order to a specific tanker/compartment so that the grade can be pumped into the compartment with no pre-preparation.

    – Drain only actions have risen by 7%.

    – Drain and flush actions are down by over 4%.

    – Costly actions such as where the compartment needs to be washed out, cleaned and dried are down by 13%.


“Optrak gives us more delivery flexibility and is a great system to use. It has actually revitalised our planning operation at Fuchs. The investment in a world class vehicle routing system demonstrates our commitment in ensuring that we deliver the best possible service to our customers whilst keeping costs down. I firmly believe no other routing package can deliver the same benefits as Optrak.”

Darren Bourne
Distribution Manager
at Fuchs

“Fuchs is committed to continually developing and evolving our logistics capability. We carried out a detailed evaluation and Optrak had the greatest experience in solving the complicated problems that we face. Since deploying, in addition to reducing the time spent planning by over 85%, we have improved all of our KPIs. Fuchs has also achieved major efficiencies in vehicle preparation and compartment washing.
Without doubt the Optrak project has been one of the best investments we have made. We have seen a definite payback in short timescales.”

Richard Halhead
Managing Director
at Fuchs



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