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Optrak4 for Fuel Distributors is a customised version of Optrak’s vehicle routing and scheduling software designed specifically for the needs of customers in the fuel distribution industry.

With advanced, customisable 3D compartment modelling and levels forecasting for individual customers, Optrak4 is the right fit for your Fuel and Oil distribution requirements.

Challenges Our Customers Face in the
Fuel and Oil Industry

Compartments and Vehicle Facilities

Most distributors will have a mix of vehicles – for example different compartment layouts, number of axles and weight capacity.

From a product standpoint certain tankers are dedicated to particular products whilst combinations of products on the same vehicle (e.g. kerosene and petrol) may not be allowed. Drivers may need safety training to handle some products whilst some vehicles will retain product from the previous day.

Planning exactly what will fit and what will make a legal load across the trip (as offloading product at a customer can sometimes make a load unstable) is a complex task.

Site and Product Requirements

There are also a large variety of site types in the fuel sector – including forecourt deliveries (gas stations), commercial, industrial, domestic and agricultural bulk deliveries of petroleum products. Each site may have distinct features, such as access limitations necessitating long hoses, requirements for gravity or direct pumping to offload or maximum vehicle size restrictions. For loading there may additional constraints as drivers may not have training to load at particular oil terminals.

Customer Contracts

Distributors in fuel and oil often have a combination of long-term regular customers, “spot” orders and customers on top-up contracts, either monitored or forecast based on some sort of degree-day system. This can provide distributors with an optimisation challenge of delivering at the most cost effective time. Furthermore domestic and commercial fuel deliveries typically have multi-day service levels whereas spot orders can be just for the next day.

For artic deliveries, the tractor and trailer units can be swapped and drivers can use different liveried vehicles during a shift to ensure that one branded vehicle is not seen on a competitor’s forecourt. This leads to a further challenge of including changeovers and optimising routes to minimise these issues.

that Solve Challenges of the
Fuel and Oil Industry

Meeting Customers Requirements

Optrak4 for Fuel Distributors allows you to plan for the different requirements of your customers from domestic oil to petrol station forecourts. This can include site-based rules as to which vehicles with which livery can be used where or restrictions on vehicle type and safety specification (e.g. which personnel has been trained for what). Optrak ensures that all compatibility rules are respected in the plan, flagging where the rules have been broken.

Matching your Vehicle

Optrak4 models your compartmented tankers, taking account of individual tank capacity and whether or not it is metered. You can also build in rules about dedicated vehicles, compartments and product incompatibilities (petrol and domestic fuel oil, for example).

In loading calculations, Optrak4 includes specific measures such as axle weight calculations to ensure safe loading

Routing your Orders

Optrak4 is able to respect the relevant rules set by your customers for delivery. By prioritising customers according to days remaining to due date it will ensure that the really urgent orders take top priority while still being able to combine these with less urgent, but close-by, orders for efficient trips. To help the planner visualise the requirements Optrak4’s map display can color-code the orders based on date.

For larger customers, such as factories, offices, truck companies and farms that generally order much larger quantities with more precise and exacting delivery requirements – including booked delivery times – Optrak can set special priorities to ensure that the service levels of these orders are met.



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