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Optrak4 has a specific build for the needs of food and drink industry –

incorporating the core Optrak4 products with customisation and additional functionality to meet the distinct distribution requirements – an differentiating it from its competitors.

Industrial Solution Industry

The Food and Drink delivery industry has a wide range of customer types including:

Multi- tempareture food service

Retail food- particularly convenience stores


Prepared ready-meals for hospitals

Although different, these customer types nevertheless have many common elements,
including one or more of:

Complex and tight time-windows

often with a particular concentration in the morning to ensure that delivery doesn’t impact regular service. When time windows are tight, it is often the case that obeying them strictly will lead to extra vehicles being employed at considerable additional cost.

Urban deliveries

heavily impacted by congestion and limited access to sites/delivery points.

Multi-temperature vehicles

For food deliveries many vehicles have compartments for different temperatures. Some of these are fixed size, others have movable bulkheads separating temperature zones. With movable bulkheads, the positioning is not necessarily completely flexible.

Container-based loading

such as pallets, dollies or roll-cages, where the products must be grouped by customer. The different foot-print of pallets and roll-cages makes loading them onto the vehicle complex

Weekly peaks and throughs

Customers typically stock up for, or after the weekend instead of regularly.Smaller and more remote customers can exist where next day/any day service is uneconomic or altogether non-viable.

Significant weekly peaks and throughs

as customers stock up for, or after the weekend. Smaller and more remote customers where next day/any day service is uneconomic and indeed the customer may be altogether non-viable.

Industrial Solution Industry


Optrak’s Soft Time Window feature allows the users to permit a small amount of earliness or lateness in return for an internal penalty charge. So allowing a slightly late delivery could be outside the customer service agreement, but it could save a whole truck day and therefore be considered worthwhile. Clients have complete control over which customers have soft and which the standard hard time windows – and for the soft time windows, the extent and the cost of using them. The optimization balances this against truck and other distribution costs.

Urban Deliveries

Optrak’s travel time calculations take into account rush-hour speeds including the effects of “tidal flow” into cities in the morning and out in the afternoon. This is achieved with the Inrix historical road speed database, which gives speed profiles in 15 minute intervals in each direction on major and minor roads across the day. The greater accuracy of historical road speeds has been shown to enable a 4% improvement in routing efficiency.

Customer access restrictions can be managed within the Optrak solution at the customer site level, ensuring that the right vehicle is deployed to attend.

Vehicle Loading

Optrak has unique capabilities to deal with the complex loading requirements of the industry. In addition to multi-temperature compartments, Optrak takes into account how orders are grouped onto pallets or roll-cages – for example dedicating roll-cages to specific customers for ease of off-loading.

Loading rules are translated into a loading plan which can be printed off and given to drivers or pickers – also ensuring that the loaded products are all accessible when required as the driver follows the delivery sequence.

Optrak also has a specific multi-temperature loading model which creates loading patterns that work for the customer based on the specified vehicle layout and temperature set-up and can be given as diagrams to the loading staff.

Two-man Deliveries

Optrak also has a specific multi-temperature loading model which creates loading patterns that work for the customer based on the specified vehicle layout and temperature set-up and can be given as diagrams to the loading staff.

Predefined Route or Route Areas

Optrak can work with pre-defined routes or route areas – building routes and schedules that match the route criteria but also allowing the optimiser to add extra orders where capacity allows or the planner to adjust routes that are over-full.

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