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How Optrak Transforms Your Routing

Optrak4 is an award winning Vehicle Routing and Scheduling system – offering an end-to-end solution addressing the entire routing lifecycle – that can save you money, reduce your planning time and improve your customer service

Optrak is used by companies in a wide variety of industries – ranging from convenience retail to waste management to forestry – in both an operational and strategic capacity to cut costs and improve control.

As an Optrak customer you would see the following key benefits:

Reduced Operational Costs

More efficient routes: Optrak4 produces superior routes to manual planning, saving you money on fuel and vehicle usage.

Increased vehicle utility: Optrak4’s optimised loads decrease the number of vehicles required to service your customers.

Cost Reductions on Operations: Optrak4’s optimisation lowers your driver times and reduces wasted time through reducing unnecessary trips.

Operational savings of 10-15%Optrak typically produces plans that are 10-15% more efficient than manual planning.

Analyse and Save on Overheads: With Optrak4 strategic planning, you can analyse the usage/types of vehicle and depot allocations and make savings in your overheads.

Identify Inefficiencies/Costs in Service: Optrak can also be used to identify inefficiencies in operations (related to depot locations/existing fixed routes) or customer whose cost-to-serve exceeds their contract value.

“Optrak’s sophisticated and flexible vehicle routing software, combined with its capabilities for tracking and reporting, rose to every challenge.”

“By operating more efficiently and minimising the number of vehicles that we use, Optrak has delivered significant savings in excess of £100,000”

Michael Pallant
Group Transport Manager
at Refood (Saria)

“No other system matched up to Optrak’s levels of flexibility. Our choice was vindicated as we have made significant transport savings, whilst improving our operational KPIs for utilisation and mileage.”

“By planning more efficiently [with Optrak] we have directly taken 2 vehicles off the road which represents a minimum annual saving of £120,000 for us.”

Simon Hannah
Managing Director
at Filshill

Saved Time in Planning

Reduced planning time: Optrak reduces the planning from a two-person, full day activity to just one hour for one person per day. The saving in planner’s time alone has justified the cost of the system.

Relieve time pressure on the planner: Gives the planner the ability to automate routing and run alongside other jobs

Real-Time Management: When using Optrak4 Realisation, planners can oversee current day operations alongside routing tomorrow’s trips.

Cut down times across operations: Optrak4 allows you to cut times at depot by providing detailed loading instructions to Warehouse managers, driver time on the road and time at customer by updating them of arrival with Optrak4 Messenger giving them time to prepare.

“The time spent planning has now been reduced by over 50%, despite the number of collections more than doubling.”

We can now spend more time on managing the transport office, dealing with any driver queries and reporting on general transport KPIs.”

Michael Sneath
Operations Manager
at Oakwood Environmental

“In addition to reducing the time spent planning by over 85%, we have improved all of our KPIs. Fuchs has also achieved major efficiencies in vehicle preparation and compartment washing.”

“Optrak is so easy to use that with minimal training a less experienced traffic person can plan effectively using Optrak.”

Richard Halhead
Managing Director
at Fuchs

Increased Operational Control

Real-time managementOptrak4 Realisation allows users to cope with sudden situation changes (vehicle failure, road closure, additional customer requests) without compromising service levels

Meet industry legislation: Optrak4 can be tailored to include specific legislative/environmental/work time directives as parameters to suit your operational model.

Control your orders: Optrak4’s rich data model allows you to define your orders to the level of detail required to manage complex product groups and processes

Integrated loading: Optrak4 allows you to manage down to the space individual goods take up on vehicles

Strategic modelling: Understand the impact of business transformation processes and prepare for it by using Optrak’s strategic modelling capacity – giving you peace of mind over control over your future operations

Bespoke process handling: Optrak4 customisation allows you to manage complex/unique issues in a single integrated product with customisable functionality

“Optrak has very sophisticated capabilities for planning a successful working day for our fleet taking into account all of the time windows, weights and volumes, driver availability working hours and customer opening times.”

“We are confident that the right orders are delivered on the right vehicles and I simply can’t envisage our transport planning without using Optrak.”

Chris Donaghue
Senior Transport Supervisor
at Kuehne + Nagel UK

“Editing the trips in Optrak is so easy, moving an order from one trip to another takes a single mouse click. It allows me to look at different options far more easily than we ever could before.

“I can quickly see where the orders are and helps to identify any potentially problematic deliveries. It takes a few seconds for me to move an order onto a different trip or change a time window.”

Simon Roberts
Transport and Distribution Supervisor
at Dee Bee

Improved Customer Service

Meet customer obligations: Optrak4 has been shown to allow customers to better hit time-windows and meet SLAs

Update your customers: Optrak4 Messenger can automatically send customers notifications of planned arrival times by email or SMS with the following advantages:

Customers prepare for delivery – saving you and them time

Informs them of delays ahead of time

Make changes in real-time: Optrak4 Realisation can be used to route extra orders from customers and serve them in real-time

Visibility for customer service teams: Customer service teams can view the routing solution in Optrak4 Publisher and respond back to customers with more authority/speed about problems

“By providing a more consistent service we have increased customer loyalty and retention rates. The Optrak project has proved itself to be totally worthwhile and I would recommend Optrak to other companies.”

Alan Williams
Operations Manager
at Matthew Clark York

“I anticipate achieving a rapid return on our investment in Optrak. The project will enable us to improve customer service and generate sustainable competitive advantage.”

Paul Melanson
Operations Manager
at NOCO Lubricants



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