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One of the world’s leading logistics providers has been working with Optrak4 in the
UK since 2011, following the acquisition of RH Group, another Freight
Forwarding organisation.

Kuehne + Nagel handles a vast variety of consignments that can vary considerably
in terms of product and order size, from a single carton to one or more full pallets.
With different Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to observe, a fleet with varying
weight and volume capacities and multiple customer time windows to manage,
the task facing the transport planners is a complex one.

Consignments which are a mix of deliveries and collections are seamlessly
downloaded from Kuehne + Nagel’s host system into the Optrak4 vehicle
routing software each day. Transport planning teams for the North and
South work simultaneously using the Optrak4 routing software to build
accurate and effective transport plans for the following day for each depot.

The trips that Optrak4 creates meet the different rules and criteria as defined by
Kuehne + Nagel’s specific transport requirements on each day. This includes
a variety of time windows such as a.m.(08:00 – 12:00) or p.m. (12:00 – 17:00) or
more specific timed windows where appropriate.

Deployment has led to a 98% delivery performance on next-day planning,
ensuring that K + N adhere to best practices, for routing and scheduling,
as a global provider of innovative and fully integrated
supply chain solutions.

Key Benefits
Kuehne + Nagel & Optrak

  1. Reduced planning time

    Optrak4 has delivered significantly more efficient vehicle routes within the UK freight
    forwarding business unit.

  2. Greater operational efficiency with higher transport planning accuracy

    Allowing K+N to offer greater levels of customer service flexibility.

  3. Improved fuel consumption and loading

    Using Optrak4 enhances K+N’s vehicle profitability across the fleet.

  4. Improved service delivery performance, with up to 98% of SLAs hit

    K+N has significantly improved the quality of service it delivers to its customer base.

  5. Meets K + N unique requirements closely

    Optrak4 provides a flexible planning tool that
    handles any requirement or need, for all types
    of consignments for
    K + N customers.


“Optrak4 offered a more cost effective and personalised system that
catered for our particular requirements and the decision to use an
advanced routing and scheduling system has been
fully justified by the benefits that Kuehne + Nagel has achieved.
We have greatly improved the time we spend
on planning and Optrak generates very efficient
transport runs for a very complex
daily transport operation.
Furthermore, thanks to Optrak4, we can meet the requirement to
deliver next day to any location throughout the UK.
We generally achieve 97-98% of this target on
a daily basis. Optrak4 can plan effectively for consignments
of any shape and size as long as we have the right information
such as vehicle types, driver working times and product
details for example.”

Chris Donaghue
Senior Transport Supervisor
at Kuehne + Nagel

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