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Matthew Clark


Matthew Clark is an award winning drinks supplier to pubs, clubs, restaurants, hotels and bars nationwide. It is a long term user of Optrak4’s vehicle routing software, which has been deployed across multiple depots – connecting to multiple internal systems including JD Edwards back office system and RedPrairie’s warehouse management system.

At the Matthew Clark York deport, afternoon orders for the next day are downloaded from the JD Edwards back-office system into Optrak where automated data validation checks ensure data validityy before the routes are created in the optimiser. Optrak4 automatically creates the most efficient routes possible taking into account customer locations, the different products that have been ordered, the time window for delivery, weight and volume capacity of each vehicle and the availability of drivers. The planner then applies local knowledge to fine tune the routes before the finalised routes are uploaded to JD Edwards which produces the relevant paperwork such as pick lists for the warehouse.

At the Matthew Clark’s Runcorn depot, Optrak has replaced manual route planning for 26 vehicles in partnership with new warehouse management system (WMS) by RedPrairie. With the implementation of RedPrairie, pallet information for each order is now available allowing Optrak to optimise on the basis of weight and pallets. This information is sent to JD Edwards where orders are validated, and then passed to RedPrairie for inventory allocation.

Since deploying Optrak, Matthew Clark has found that demanding SLA commitments can be met without sacrificing efficiency or increased costs. Optrak’s advance optimiser is able to route the same deliveries with fewer trips which leads to significant transport savings. This saving, plus the added control that provides a more consistent service has increased customer loyalty and retention rates.

Matthew Clark also has praise for the extensive support it receives from Optrak’s support team; “They are both patient and knowledgeable about our operational environment and ensure that any queries are resolved rapidly.” said Alan Williams, Operations Manager for Matthew Clark at York

Key Benefits
Matthew Clark & Optrak

  1. Improvement of customer delivery
    SLAs met from 64% to 97%

    Optrak has driven significant efficiencies at the Matthew Clark York depot.

  2. Cut delivery vehicles at York depot by 10%,

    Optrak4’s more efficient delivery routes have lowered transportation costs

  3. Reduced the planning time by 66%

    Optrak4 has significantly reduced planning time, freeing planners to engage in other tasks

  4. Greater operational flexibility

    Optrak4 allows Matthew Clark to better deal with seasonal fluctuations in demand.

  5. Increased the number of time windows hit to 84%

    Optrak4 allows Matthew Clark to be ambitious with its customer service levels, with plans to reach 95+%.


“The Optrak project has proved itself to be totally worthwhile and I would recommend Optrak to other companies. By introducing Optrak’s vehicle routing software we have achieved a significant increase in customer service levels with 95-97% of our deliveries occurring within the SLA. We have also increased the efficiency of the individual routes that each vehicle follows on a daily basis whilst cutting the time we spend planning by two thirds.
It is a brilliant system that has reduced our planning time and made a lasting impact on our business”

Alan Williams
Operations Manager
at Matthew Clark at York

“Since we went live on Optrak we have increased the number of time windows that we hit to 84% and I am confident that this will rise to 95+%. We are making better use of the resources in the transport department as route planning now takes as little as 45 minutes.”

John Hitchmough
Depot Manager for Runcorn
at Matthew Clark

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