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NOCO Energy Corp – the North American distributor of industrial and commercial lubricants and engine motor oils – has chosen Optrak4 to plan vehicle movements across its lubricants operations in the US and Canada. In doing so, it has slashed the time it spends planning and increased vehicle and compartment utilisation while improving its customer service.

NOCO faced the typical challenges of the lubricant industry in managing the delivery of their products, including multiple families of lubricants with different compatibility restrictions, along with cleaning and flushing limitations. Furthermore transport planning was highly challenging due to the sheer number of rules and variables involved – such as weight and volume limits on vehicles, compartment utilisation, complex product and compartment rules and variable time windows.

Having previously used manually planned fixed milk rounds NOCO sought a vehicle routing solution to change its routing and load planning and, following a detailed demo of Optrak4 using NOCO’s operational data, the business case to proceed with Optrak4 for operational planning was clear.

Now operating across five depots, NOCO planners use Optrak4 to create a set of optimised trips with the results uploaded into the WMS system to generate pick lists for the warehouse. Optrak4 also produces a customised loading chart which shows which products are required for each compartment and includes washing and flushing instructions. Trip reports tailored to NOCO’s requirements are also generated for both bulk and packed vehicles and have been proved to be highly accurate

Beyond the operational successes, NOCO has been able to carry out simulations to review how various elements of its distribution operation could be improved, from its warehouse management to assignments to 3rd party carriers. Describing the system, Paul Melanson, Operations Manager at NOCO Lubricants says “We now have the tools to review and optimise our fleet based on accurate and precise data. This gives us confidence that any changes are operationally sound and achievable.”

Key Benefits
NOCO Lubricants & Optrak

  1. Vehicle Savings

    Optrak4 has reduced the number of vehicles and drivers needed to meet delivery commitments through running more efficient routes and increasing vehicle and compartment utilisation.

  2. Cost reductions

    Optrak4 strategic planning has allowed NOCO to optimise which warehouse services each customer, cutting unnecessary mileage, driving time and transport costs.

  3. Time Saving

    Optrak 4 has reduced the total time NOCO spent planning by 7 hours per day.

  4. Reduce Fuel Requirements

    Optrak4 cut fleet mileage and reduced fuel requirements minimising NOCO’s carbon footprint.


“The lubricants division has very complex requirements. However, I could immediately see from the financial savings analysis presented, that Optrak4 had the potential to enable us to make some quite significant improvements. The specialised functionality offered by Optrak such as managing compartments, the loading charts and customised trip reports is incredibly advanced. Over the course of the implementation, Optrak4 met and exceeded our expectations throughout.”

“[Since deployment] the service that we have received from Optrak has been truly exceptional. Their expertise in this industry is unmatched and right from the start the team made time to understand exactly what we wanted to achieve. They know how to deploy Optrak4 in a complex lubricants environment to enable us to drive our business forward. In many ways they understand our business better than we do! Additionally, the team are honest and transparent and I would have no hesitation in recommending Optrak to any company looking for routing software, particularly those with compartmented vehicles.”

Paul Melanson
Operations Manager
at NOCO Lubricants


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