Optrak Loader


Optrak Loader

Optrak Loader is a new load optimising web service for the freight and transportation industry that takes the successful load modelling and optimisation capabilities of its Optrak 4 vehicle distribution software and establishes it as a standalone service.

Designed to address loading requirements in container and line-haul transportation operations, Optrak provides an automated, advanced method for determining load and layout for orders from manufacturing, logistics and transportation industries – integrating directly into the customer’s ERP/TMS processes to facilitate input/output of data.

Why Use
Optrak Loader

Automated Optimisation

Optrak Loader integrates with your ERP/TMS system, enabling planners to export orders into the Loader at the click of a button and receive a fully optimised solution back. This eliminates the need for manual load modelling and reduces wasted space on the vehicle with no detrimental changes to the operational processes of the plan.

3D Visualisation

Optrak Loader presents customers with a multi-tenant web service with fully visualised and navigable 3D models of container/vehicle loads. These solutions are saved on secure web servers and can be viewed on any device connected to the internet – enabling solutions to be shared by planners to the wider warehouse and driver teams.

Industry-Specific Customisation

Optrak has designed fully optimising loaders for customers across a wide range of industries and can provide a more customised modelling service for complex requirements – with multi-compartment containers/vehicles or nested orders and ugly items – to ensure your operations are mapped as closely to real life as possible for optimum loading

How Optrak Loader

Planners upload order and trip data to the Optrak Loader web interface from their ERP/TMS system or via manual upload of a JSON template. They can then access pre-configured container/vehicle load outs and optimise the orders onto the vehicle, determining the load requirements (full/weight-limited/% of fill) for the particular job

The Optrak Loader then optimises the load within the defined parameters and provides a 3D loading image for the planner, navigable in the web portal. This image can be used immediately or archived in the system for later use.

Depending on the flexibility of your ERP/TMS system, Optrak Loader can also export optimised solution data back into the source system for review and further workflow processes.

Optrak Partner Programme

The Optrak Loader is available through the Optrak Partner Programme and suitable for ERP/TMS system integrators looking to offer automated loading capabilities as an additional plug-in for their manufacturer and logistics customers as well as standard resellers.

The Loader brings improved efficiencies to multiple stages in a customer’s logistics lifecycle – such as point-to-point routing, containers and shipping and customer delivery – whilst integrating closely with larger systems being implemented.

Please contact us for more information about the structure of the Optrak Partner Programme and how Optrak Loader can fit into your service platform.

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