Optrak Parcel


Optrak Parcel

Optrak Parcel is a route and schedule optimisation tool designed to plug into PoD and parcel delivery systems.

Addressing the significant inefficiencies of manual parcel routing, Optrak Parcel brings an advanced ‘travelling salesman’ optimiser to improve the routing of fixed area parcel deliveries by as much as 15% – offering significant operational cost savings and accurate times for the delivery of each package to parcel delivery companies.

Operating as a core, back-end service, Optrak Parcel can be employed by both PoD distributors and parcel delivery organisations alike to significantly improve operational efficiencies in an automated, light-weight fashion.

Why Use
Optrak Parcel

Ease of Use

Optrak Parcel is designed to be simple and non-invasive for parcel planners. Plugging directly into the PoD central system, central planners can export order data with the click of a button and receive back trip sequences and delivery timings without leaving the PoD system.

Better Timings for Customer

By modelling the trip delivery sequence with Optrak Parcel, parcel companies can get clear vision on the estimate timings of each deliveries – allowing them to provide more precise times to the customer and minimise missed deliveries

Reduce Driver Workload

Optrak Parcel removes the need for drivers to manually plan their routes, reducing their non-driving time whilst removing the requirement for drivers to have intimate knowledge of their area to effectively deliver.

How Optrak Parcel

Optrak Parcel operates as an add-on tool to PoD systems, managed by planners at the central parcel depot.

When parcels have been sorted and assigned to a driver running a fixed route of the area in the PoD system, planners run the export function to Optrak Parcel. Optrak Parcel takes geolocation and delivery requirement data (such as before 9am or next day) from the PoD system and optimises the most efficient delivery route for those parcels using advanced operational algorithms. The output is a fully automated calculation of best order and timings for deliveries which is then fed back into the PoD system.

Central planners can then push this information to the drivers – either in the PoD system or via an Optrak Parcel messaging system if required – to replace the manual planning drivers typically do prior to delivery runs.

Optrak Partner Programme

Optrak Parcel is available through the Optrak Partner Programme and suitable for both PoD vendors and systems integrators looking to modernise parcel delivery organisations with a broader technology solution.

As an unobtrusive web service plugin, Optrak Parcel brings significantly improved routing solutions to parcel delivery companies whilst reducing manual planning time in a simple, automated fashion.

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