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Optrak Partner Programme

The Optrak Partner Programme is a multi-tier system for resellers, system integrators and technology partners looking to distribute Optrak’s vehicle routing and logistics products and services.

All Optrak products and services are suitable for reselling, with each fulfilling a clearly defined role in the transport and logistics landscape and strong integration capabilities.

Optrak Support currently provides all three levels of support to customers, but for value-added resellers (VARs) and system integrators (SIs) opportunities for a combined/structure service are also available.

Why Engage In The
Optrak Partner Programme

Best-in-Class Products

Optrak’s product offerings set a high bar in the vehicle routing industry for functionality and customisation to fit customer operations and existing software deployments, such as ERP systems. For resellers and systems integrators looking to offer customers a perfect solution, backed by high levels of satisfaction from existing users, Optrak is unsurpassed.

Flexible Partner Relationships

Optrak’s Partner Programme is flexible to meet the particular service models and levels of each partner, whether partners are keen to act as pure distributors, value-added resellers or bring Optrak into wider ERP or TMS deployments. We’re transparent about costs and service requirements to ensure that you can sell and support our products at a truly competitive rate.

Product White-Labelling

Optrak Parcel and Loader are available as white-label products, making them ideal not only for resellers and system integrators keen to keep customers in their own environments, but pure vendors looking to add functionality to, and keep the branding of, their own products, with Optrak working as an OEM provider.

Features of
Optrak Partner Programme

Optrak Loader

Optrak Loader is an ideal add-on feature for ERP/TMS systems integrators in the following industry segments:

  • Manufacturing
  • Freight Forwarding and Shipping
  • 3PLs

Optrak Loader is available as a white-label product and typically charged at a ‘per load’ rate. Custom vehicle/container layouts or optimisers for complex loads require development charges plus additional support.

Optrak Parcel

Optrak Parcel is an ideal add-on feature for PoD vendors/distributors and order management/billing systems integrators with the following customer bases:

  • Parcel Delivery
  • Utilities (Road-based trips such as automated meter reading, waste collection)
  • High volume, fixed area delivery companies

Optrak Parcel is available as a white-label product and charged on a ‘per route scheduled’ rate. Custom reporting outputs for Optrak Parcel (such as a driver delivery order manifest) can be built on request.

Optrak4 Vehicle Routing

Optrak4 Vehicle Routing software is an  ideal product for value-added resellers and ERP/TMS systems integrators that cover the following industry sectors:

  • 3PL/4PLs
  • Food and Drink
  • Convenience Retail
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Fuel and Oil
  • Lubricants

Optrak4 is available on a value-added reseller/systems integrator licence for organisations interested in providing L1 and L2 support for the application. Optrak will provide product training at a reduced cost.

There is a strong added-value in bringing Optrak into ERP/TMS implementations alongside your deployment to take advantage of our logistics specialisation and requirement gathering expertise.

Due to its bespoke nature, Optrak4 instances currently cannot be implemented by anyone other than the Optrak team. Likewise L3 support will always be managed by the Optrak development team.

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