Optrak4 Logistics Intelligence

Understand the impact of your operational decisions
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Optrak4 Logistics Intelligence

Launching in Q4 2016, Optrak4 Logistics Intelligence is the planned back end reporting and information management tool – further linking Optrak4 Publisher and Optrak4 Realisation with the client ERP system – to create a single coherent distribution intelligence resource and reporting tool which would integrate Optrak data into your own internal analytics platform.

In the current Optrak landscape, this functionality is replicated by customised reports and bespoke interfaces – on a per-customer basis – as an add-on feature to the wider Optrak deployment.

Why Use
Optrak4 Logistics Intelligence

Understand Real-Time Impact

Compare your complete trips with the original plans (if routes were changed in Realisation) and understand the impact re-routing had on final cost.

Receive Driver Intelligence

Get insight into the efficiency and behaviour of your drivers – to both drive your post-trip driver debriefs and performance assessments and be able to compare driver performance across your fleet.

Identify High Cost to Serve

Identify costly customers or ones which consistently negatively impact operational planning – such as those with requests for frequent small delivery amounts, require a significant detour on a regular basis or make frequent demands for delivery on non-service days (if allocated days are used).

Features of
Optrak4 Logistics Intelligence

Planning Reports

Optrak4 Logistics Intelligence will compare your operational plans – on different days and at different depots – with or without vehicle and driver tracking systems.
The same mechanism can be used to publish results of strategic analysis or multiple candidate plans.

Real-Time Reports

As data starts to come in from drivers and vehicles, you can start reporting on it. This allows near real-time reporting of your business KPIs and can be compared both with historical reports and the original plan.

Strategic Reporting

Optrak4 Logistics Intelligence will combine data from multiple sources – including the other Optrak4 applications and the customer order processing and logistics systems – with query and visualisation tools – such as reports, maps, timelines and OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) tools such as cubes and pivot tables – to demonstrate the impact of strategic and operational decision making.

Driver Reporting

Optrak4 Logistics Intelligence Driver Debrief view will bring data from Optrak4 Planning and the customer tracking and EPoD systems into one screen or printable report to provide a summary of the driver’s day, focussed on those items that need attention including:
*Adherence to plan (following the correct delivery sequence)
*Reported incidents
*Planned vs Actual timings.
*Driving incidents – rapid acceleration, harsh braking, faster cornering, as measured with accelerometer.
Where information is available, Optrak4 Logistics Intelligence will produce league tables of driver performance based on planned vs. actual and driving incidents.

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