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Optrak4 Messenger

Optrak4 Messenger is an add-on communications tool to the Optrak4 suite that allows planned delivery times and status messages to be sent to your customers. It uses email or SMS – either immediately after planning or at a pre-scheduled time, e.g; 8am on the day of delivery.

Why Use
Optrak4 Messenger

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Customers are more confident in the delivery times. A reliable delivery window allows the customer to plan accordingly and eases the pressure to use tight time-windows.

Fewer Calls to Customer Service

It is estimated that each call to customer service costs over £10 in administration.  By pre-messaging your customers, you eliminate the need for them to contact you to ask you when an order is coming.

Customers can Prepare

If customers know when you will deliver they can prepare to receive it. This leads to less waiting for your drivers, reducing your overall delivery costs and increasing the number of drops your driver can do.

Marketing Your Other Services

It is difficult to get people to open and read marketing messages – even your good customers. However, delivery time is something they will want to know. By using Optrak4 Messenger, you can format the email to include not just the delivery time, but marketing messages such as special offers or new products.

Features of
Optrak4 Messenger

Click of a Button

Messenger can be added to your Optrak4 Planner to automatically message either the selected or whole customer list from trip. Message forms (either email or SMS) can be preconfigured via HTML template and distributed at a set time ahead of delivery

Message Customisation

Different customers can have different messages to allow for branding. Customers can have more than one message such as an email immediately after planning followed up by an SMS on the morning of the delivery.

If linked to an on-vehicle POD system, Optrak4 Messenger can even send post-delivery confirmation notices.
The content and template of messages can be adapted to include product promotions or additional services to upsell to existing clients.

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