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Optrak4 is our flagship vehicle routing product – providing our customers with a comprehensive platform for route optimisation, vehicle scheduling and load planning throughout their distribution process.

Comprising of multiple modules – addressing next and multi-day planning, real-time management and post-delivery analysis – and deployable in either an operational or strategic capacity, Optrak’s route planning software can be tailored to your specific logistics challenges and requirements.

Why Use

Fully Customisable

Optrak4 tailors each solutions to client requirements. This includes customising the data (bringing in client-specific fields), the user interface (such as custom map layers) and optimisation heuristics to suit different situations. Customisation is a key factor in allowing us to create industry specific versions.

Operational Savings

Using some of the most advanced OR algorithms, Optrak4’s route optimisation can achieve a saving of 15% on direct transport costs, with the complexity of the problem increasing potential savings over manual routing or other systems.

Best-in-Class Functionality

Optrak4 is the only VRS product to integrate load modelling and sequencing into the wider optimisation process and enhances its routing results with the use of detailed street maps and an extensive database of historical road speeds – enabling the system to model rush speeds and rush-hour flows across each day.

Features of

Optrak4 Planner

Optrak4 Planner is the core Optrak4 module providing integrated vehicle routing, loading and scheduling system for planning
distribution operations.

Integrating with  the customer’s order management system it takes order data and resources and uses mathematical optimisation techniques to produce full plans.

Optrak4 Publisher

Optrak4 Publisher is an optional add-on that allows the different members of the customer’s distribution team to see the plan produced from Optrak4 Planner – hosted on secure cloud servers.

Optrak4 Realisation

Optrak4 Realisation is a paid add-on that takes and manages real-time activity data from drivers’ on-board computers – working it into a model with existing plans for interactive route management and alterations within Optrak4.

Optrak4 Messenger

Optrak4 Messenger is a paid add-on communications tool that allows planned delivery times and status messages to be sent to a customer’s clients. It uses email or SMS – either immediately after planning or at a pre-scheduled time, e.g; 8am on the day of delivery.

Optrak4 Logstics Intelligence

Launching soon, Optrak Logistics Intelligence is the planned back end reporting and information management tool – linking Optrak4 Publisher and Optrak4 Realisation with the client ERP system – to create a single coherent distribution intelligence resource and reporting tool which would integrate Optrak4 data into the customer’s internal analytics platform.

Optrak4 Sync

Optrak4 Sync is a dedicated professional service alongside the Optrak4 offering which offers annual evaluations of current practises to see if further savings can be made through process optimisation or strategic realignment – keeping the customer’s Optrak system fully aligned with their business and logistics needs

How Optrak 4

Optrak4 is specifically designed for dynamic vehicle routing; optimising and managing multi-drop operations. Syncing with an ERP systems such as Microsoft NAV, SAP BusinessOne or JD Edwards, Optrak4 can be used as a workstation application to import order data, fleet information and delivery requirements and leverage its purpose-built vehicle loading and routing functionality to build, optimise and manually manage trips in its operational planning build.

These trips can then be uploaded back into the ERP system for distribution to PoD devices, record and payment reconciliation.

Optrak4 can also be customised to fit any customer-specific requirements or order modelling built into the ERP system and can further serve as the source system for vehicle loading/unloading schematics and instructions to warehouse managers and drivers.

Optrak Partner Programme

Optrak4 is available through the Optrak Partner Programme and suitable for VARs and system integrators looking to offer a standalone vehicle routing service with a wider ERP/TMS deployment, or as part of a combined service delivery package.

Optrak4 offers value through significantly improving the vehicle routing component of the distribution lifecycle, making it ideal for VARs and systems integrators who work in the manuafacturing, wholesale and distribution industries, or with 3PL/4PLs.

Please contact us for more information about the structure of the Optrak Partner Programme and how Optrak4 distribution software can fit into your service platform.


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