Refood (Saria)

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Refood (Saria)

Refood (Saria)

ReFood provides a unique ‘one-stop shop’ collection and recycling service for all waste food products. In order to support its business growth ReFood turned to Optrak for vehicle routing software and a tracking & ticketing system. The project has delivered a six figure cost saving, and enabled ReFood to raise customer service levels whilst dramatically reducing paperwork.

ReFood operates fixed routes for its fleet of 65 vehicles spread across 5 depots and outbases. Following a legal change regarding the use of food waste in landfill sites, ReFood experienced rapid growth in its customer base over a relatively short period of time. However the fixed routes which formed the basis of existing planning had built up over time and there was no easy way to see how efficient it was at managing the new load. Furthermore collecting multiple waste streams, each requiring a different signed ABP Movement Document, not only required meticulous preparation but also generated a vast amount of paperwork that required tracking.

“We wanted to work with a single company that could integrate vehicle routing with tracking and handheld technology for signature capture, and that really understood the waste industry. Optrak’s sophisticated and flexible vehicle routing software combined with its capabilities for tracking and reporting rose to every challenge.” Michael Pallant, Group Transport Manager, Refood.

Combining Optrak4 with a custom-designed tracking and ticketing system, Refood analysed its customer base to design a new set of fixed routes; catering for the complex tipping arrangements defined in the business case. “We were able to use routing software to determine how to allocate customers to the most appropriate depot and fixed route. Optrak4 automatically checked all constraints including the weight and volume limits throughout the planning process to make sure that vehicles are not overloaded and the routes remained viable. The new routes were then refined during implementation and testing.” Pallant continued.

Looking to strategic matters, Optrak4 also brought significant benefits to the business:“Optrak4 is invaluable when looking at the optimum fleet configuration. By testing different vehicle combinations, we were able to establish that it was possible to take 4 HGVs out of the fleet and replace them with smaller, more efficient vehicles, without any impact on customer service. When you add in the savings from lower running costs, it was a move that saved money. With Optrak4 it is easy to test different approaches and find out what works best before you make any decisions.” Matthew Hill, Transport Manager, Refood added.

Key Benefits
Refood (Saria) & Optrak

  1. Better Strategic Planning

    Refood has used Optrak4 to determine a more efficient fleet mix, using smaller vehicles, which has minimised on-going running costs and lowered CO2 emissions.

  2. Business Agility

    With Optrak4, ReFood can rapidly analyse the impact of new customers and more easily accommodate them into existing routes, providing more agility and flexibility in its collection service.

  3. Understanding and Reducing Costs

    Optrak4 allows ReFood to gain greater visibility over the effect that changing the routes has had on service levels and cost base, informing further strategic decision making.

  4. Elimination of Paperwork

    Real-time automation of the signature capture and ticket printing process has ensured that ReFood eliminates manual paperwork either when a delivery is made or back at the depot. As all documents are stored electronically, it is easy for the customer service centre to answer client queries.


“Using Optrak gives us an efficient way of generating the trip manifest for each driver. The automation of signature capture and production of the ABP Movement Documents has eliminated a massive amount of paperwork which in turn frees up time for drivers and customer service staff.”

Matthew Hill
Transport Manager
at Refood (Saria)

We have an excellent relationship with the Optrak team, no request is too small and the quality of service that we receive is of a very high standard. The integrated routing software and real-time signature capture from Optrak has never let us down. It gives us full traceability of our collections whilst delivering real savings, improved efficiency and reduced impact on the environment. It has been a very worthwhile project and I would definitely recommend Optrak to other companies in the waste industry or those carrying out complex collections.”

Michael Pallant
Group Transport Manager
at Refood (Saria)

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