Strategic Planning

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Using Optrak4 to Plan your Business Strategy

Optrak serves as a strategic planning tool to answer important questions about your vehicle routing operations – providing detailed analysis into key issues and answering critical strategic questions such as:

Customer Service

What would it cost if you offered better (narrower) delivery time windows to your customers? Alternatively, what if you widened them for non-profitable customers? Could you make them profitable again?

By simulating deliveries with different levels of customer service Optrak can give answers to these and similar questions.

Fleet Configuration

Do you have the right vehicles and handling equipment? Should you change your shift patterns?

In Optrak it is quick and easy to add new vehicles with different capabilities, turn on and off sets of vehicles, reassign them to different depots or change driver working hours.

Business Expansion

Can I add another 20 customers in that particular region? Do I have the vehicular and delivery capacity to meet SLAs? As a 3PL, can I afford to take on these new customers?

You can evaluate the cost of adding in new customers and orders. You can combine two operations to look for synergies. Or you can use Optrak to help tender for new contracts.


Are my depots in the right place? Can I re-optimise existing orders to a different depot?

With Optrak you can move them and evaluate the costs. You can close existing depots and open new ones or convert existing stock-holding depots into outbases.

With Optrak you can use the optimiser to simulate the current boundary allocation and then just “drag and drop” customers to allocate them to alternative depots – re-optimise, then compare results. Optrak has a feature that allows automatic assignment to the nearest depot to facilitate this.

Fixed Route Planning

Optrak focuses on enabling planners to evaluate and optimise their fixed rounds, typically on a daily or weekly basis, to particular areas or sets of customers. Optrak allows planners to consider the following:

  • Are my existing fixed routes the most efficient way to cover my territory? Should I create new fixed routes for customers with regular consistent orders to minimise my operational planning?

Customers doing large volume regular collections in set areas frequently require fixed regular routes. 95% of what they do fits this model and the benefits of having the driver follow the same pattern are significant – the driver and the customer know each other, know the time which delivery or collection will take place and what site-specific issues could arise.

To solve this Optrak can:

  • Create trips based on sample data. These are a list of customer sites assigned to each trip/driver for the day.

  • Translate those trips into “fixed trip sites” in Optrak.

  • When you load data into Optrak and apply the fixed trip sites it goes through the site list for each trip. It checks this against the imported orders and if there is one it sticks that order in the trip.

You can manually or with the optimiser add any additional orders into the trips and you can control how much the system is allowed to change a fixed trip (e.g. only add things into existing sequence, re-order but keep on vehicle, swap to another vehicle if needed).



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